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Motorola W175 Prepaid Phone (Tracfone)

Posted July 6, 2013 by in Motorola
Motorola W175 Prepaid Phone






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Device Type:
Release date: 2007
Style: Candybar
Display: LCD, 128 x 128 pixels
Camera: Not available
Battery: Li-Ion 940 mAh, Stand- by time: 18 days, Talk time: 6.5 hours
Technology: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
The bottom line

Motorola W175 prepaid phone will be the best choice for the prepaid cell phone since it is affordable and the features allow us to maintain its function easier

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Motorola W175 Prepaid Phone Review

Having prepaid cell phones for those who have limited salary is the best choice. If we choose the phone like this we have to buy the card before we can use the phone. Motorola W175 is among the the prepaid mobile phone you can consider. It is lighweight and sleek and its wirelless service is so incredible compared to its affordable price. Having this mobile phone will allow you to keep contact with your family and your friends around the world by using the service of TracFone. Its battery can last long so you can use it for long talk and sending massages.

Motorola W175 Prepaid Phone uses TracFone Service

This pay as you go phone uses the service of TracFone that allow you to get full signal in almost all part of US (especially for you wo live at US). It means that you will have connectivity wherever you are in US. The service base of this phone provider is by providing you with the bundles of minutes. Its active time is from 90 days to a year. The simple service of this provider is that you can buy the bundles through the web. You can use the browser in your phone or your PC. So wherever you are in US you will be still able to make a call.

The Features of Motorola W175 Prepaid Phone

Motorola W175 Prepaid Phone If you have Motorola W175, it means that you have no contract cell phone. It is prepaid and its candy bar style make it looks compact and easy to hold. Its long life battery allows us to make a long call. You will also find that if you need to use this phone and the airtime bundle is empty you can refill it easily since you can buy it through the website. You can do it by using this phone browser. Its internal memory is able to store 500 contacts and all the file you need to keep. When you buy it you will also get user manual, battery, handset, getting started guide, and travel charger.

Its browser service allow you to buy the airtime easily

The wireless service from TracFone has made this phone can go online freely. It is very useful feature that make this basic phone is easy to refill with the airtime bundles. We have known that it can be refilled via website and with the browser in this phone we can purchase the airtime bundles. That is why many people call this phone as the smartphone even though it doesn’t use Android System.

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