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Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 Prepaid Phone (Verizon)

Posted July 28, 2013 by in Samsung
Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365






Total Score

3.5/ 5


Device Type:
Release date: 2012
Style: Flip Phone
Display: 2.0 inches LCD screen, Resolution: 160 x 128 Pixel, External : 1.07 inches; 96 x 96 Pixel
Camera: 1.3 MP
Battery: Lithium Ion 1000 mAh, Stand-by time: 14.5 days, Talk time: 6.5 hours
Technology: CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz
Hardware: 64 MB Internal Memory
Data: 1xRTT


Built-in speakers, Bright display, Inexpensive, Durable, Realistic color, Lightweight
The bottom line

The Samsung Gusto 2 flip phone features large tactile keypad with hot keys for quick messaging

by vai
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Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 Review

Once again Samsung released the prepaid phone to the market. This product is called as Samsung SCH-U365 Gusto 2. The main features that are offered by this cell phone are the easiness to enter text when you want to write short massage since it has tactile keypad. It is also provided with the shortcut keys that allow you to access certain features easier like massaging, emergency, and voice mail. Through this cell phone you will be able to connect to Facebook easily. You can get all the information about the activities in Facebook such as seeing the photo, getting the update, as well as posting your comment. You need to know that this cell phone is friendly too for Twitter.Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365

Reliable and Simple

As no contract cell phone that means it does not obligate you to pay its servive regularly, this phone is categorized as the friendly cell phone for most people. They just need to buy it easily without filling complicated forms as similar to when you want to buy the postpaid cell phone. It is simple but reliable. Its battery can last for long times so you can make a call whenever you are. Its massaging feature is very incredible. It is easy and simple so this cell phone is very suitable for the old person or children.

Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365Compact Design

Samsung has improved this SCH-U365 Gusto 2 well. Samsung has focused its improvement mainly on design and the call quality. We can se that Gusto 2 design is very compact and its call quality will make you impressed. Its 1.3 MP camera is not too good camera but in this cell phone you will find different since the camera performance it really incredible. You can get connected easily since this pay as you go phone is featured with Bluetooth. This flip phone will satisfy all your basic needs in communicating.

Easy Access to Social Media

Even though it is not a smartphone, you will find that one of the features in this phone is almost the same with the feature in smart phone. You can always be connected to social network whether Facebook or Twitter. Through this cell phone you will receive all the updates from such websites about all your friend activities. For the basic user this cell phone is very suitable. Besides simple and reliable, this SCH-U365 Gusto 2 is also cheap since it is only around 25 dollars.

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